Giant Outdoor Umbrella

Looking for the very best Umbrella in the world ? Here at Sail Shades we are the UK partners of Meissl, who manufacture the very best giant outdoor Umbrella or giant commercial outdoor umbrella.

Meissl have been making umbrellas for over 40 years; they design and engineer all their products in their own manufacturing centre in Austria. If you have been skiing in Europe you will more than likely have experience an umbrella at the top of a mountain ! Please visit their website to really find out more about the products.

We can offer 3 ranges of Umbrellas ; the MR or the MV

MV Outdoor Umbrella –  models can be round square or rectangular. They can be surface mounted on a steel plate or inserted into a steel ground socket. Sizes start at 14sq.m and go up to 54sq.m

MR Giant Outdoor Umbrella – models can be round square or rectangular. Mainly we look to mount this size umbrella into a large concrete foundation, although other solutions are available. Sizes start at 27sq.m and can go up to 22sq.m in a single umbrella.

Giant Commercial Outdoor Umbrella Bars – A huge bespoke range of fitted out umbrellas than include; wind walls, flooring, stainless steel bar and furniture.

Widen your options by creating an ambience, whatever the weather, and this will then act as a guest magnet. As the more guests that stay longer will in turn increase your turnover and ensure a quick amortization. Our durable weather protection solutions, which we adapt exactly to your needs and your structural conditions, are therefore always a good investment which keep their value and have a service and maintenance guarantee.

Another solution could be one of our bespoke sail shades see them here – Bespoke Sail Shades

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